Modern manufacturing premises

In our new premises we manufacture 3 million plastic mouldings every day, using modern working standards and maximum automation.

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  1. Warehouse and material receipt
  2. Manufacture of mouldings
  3. Finishing plant
  4. Warehouse and shipment of mouldings

Central material distribution

Preparation and distribution of material is automated, which enables effective manufacturing and a minimal error rate.

Energy savings of up to


Equipment used

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    Sorting unit

    Distribution unit with a decoding device absolutely excludes mistakes in the material

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    Top modern molecular sieve dryer ensures the optimum preparation of material for manufacturing.

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    Modern distribution system ensures fast and precise transport of material to individual machines

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    Hopper and colouring device

    Vacuum hoppers and a volumetric colouring device ensure consistency in the amount of material and colour of components

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    Injection press

    We have 33 Battenfeld and Negri Bossi machines, with a tonnage of 90 to 240 tonnes, all of which are equipped with peripheries and numericaly controled.

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    In each machine we can use low-speed, dust-free crushers, which enable us to implement waste-free manufacturing.


Waste-free manufacturing

The environment is our priority, and therefore our manufacturing is strictly waste-free.

At the customer’s request we can provide a closed pressing system, which guarantees maximum use of material.

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Our product care

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Quality management

An optical measurement device controls 99 various specific dimensions. It compares them with a 3D model with one click.

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Warehouse management

Mobile storage enables considerable space saving. We have room for 3,000 pallets. The warehouse is linked directly to our internal bar code system, which enables us to implement FIFO.

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Care for moulds

Taking care of our customers’ moulds is one of our priorities. The moulds receive regular maintenance and dry ice cleaning. We keep the moulds in a modern shelving system.

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What are we offering you?

Our aim is customer satisfaction. From assistance in constructing the products, selection of suitable material, manufacture of the mould and test samples to mass production.

What we do